Customer Support

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions and most Common Issue Fixes which may help you. Otherwise please feel free to contact our 24/7 technical help-desk – 0800 476 278 option 2 for New Zealand, 1800 433 876 option 2 for Australia.

Is this a streaming solution?
No, the music playlists, messages and digital signage content are stored locally on a small form factor Retail Radio Media Player.
What store infrastructure do i need to enable Retail Radio to work?
All you need are speakers, an AMP and a live Ethernet port located beside each other.
How easy is it to install the SAM unit?
If you have the AMP and Ethernet ports ready its simply a plug and play solution. The SAM unit will start playing automatically once its turned on.
Can messages be played from a regional level to individual store level?
Yes, we can schedule messages by regional, cluster, store down to aisle level.
What is included in the Retail Radio monthly rental?

The Retail Radio Media Player hardware, curated music playlists updated monthly, and any messages or digital signage content required to be scheduled and played in-store.

What isn’t included in the Retail Radio monthly rental?
Speakers, AMP’s, installation and music licensing requirements.
Does the Retail Radio solution require any in-store staff involvement once installed?
No, once the Retail Radio Media Player is installed the day to day operation is completely automated. Music playlist changes and new messages or digital signage content are scheduled and sent down remotely over night. If you have urgent changes we can do this within the hour.
Can different playlist be set to play at different times during the day?