The rewards of in-store radio

Music and the overall audio/visual atmosphere of your store can have a massive impact on your customer’s experience.

Get it right and the cash register will sing. Get it wrong and the store will go eerily silent.

The good news is help is out there.

The sales magic in music

Music has a wonderful effect on people. It can aid memory, improve your mood, even help with healing.  But what can it do for your business? Plenty, according to the research. When the music is ‘right’ in-store:


of customers say they stay longer


of customers say they revisit


of customers say they recommend the store to others


of customers say they buy more.

Music plays a central role in most people’s daily lives and can do the same in-store where people make 80% of their purchase decisions. Why? Because it’s a strategic strike to the nerve-centre of the 4E’s of modern marketing:

Emotion, Empathy, Experience, and Exclusivity.

Turn browsers into buyers

While music helps create the overall atmosphere of the store and sets the right conditions for buying, what customers take to the till can be influenced by instore messaging.

According to research conducted by Group and M/A/R/C Research, nine out of ten customers will buy items not on their lists if targeted at the right moment with the right message.

This means if you create instore audio and visual messaging that changes depending on your customers’ needs you can boost your sales figures even further.

How to get your in-store experience on song

Creating your own in-store audio/visual atmosphere takes a lot of work, and it shouldn’t be surprising that most business fall short. In fact, customers say only 1 in 5 businesses get it right.

You also need to remember the law. If you play music in a retail environment, you legally need to pay public performance music licensing fees in Australia and New Zealand. Retail Radio can pay this on your behalf and get you further savings.

That’s why working with an expert like Retail Radio can really help. Retail Radio is one Australasia’s leaders in in-store audio and video solutions and have customers in every state in Australia and across NZ. What they bring to the table is more than a love of music. They bring an expert understanding of how audio works in a sales environment – and a best-practice approach on how to harness it within your business.


Get set up with the right technology

Co-ordinating your sound and messaging across multiple stores is tricky.  Retail Radio’s solution is called SAM (Smart Audio Merchandiser).  It’s a digital unit that lives in each store and connects to a central digital hub via the internet.  It gives you direct control over what’s playing in each store, and because it downloads a full playlist, rather than streams it, you don’t have any issues with bandwidth or lost connections.

Give your music a regular Warrant of Fitness

Creating a great (and legal) playlist is one thing. Keeping it fresh and relevant takes time and know-how. Retail Radio takes the pain out of that for you. They’ll sort you out with the right music and the right license from the get-go and maintain it so that it continues to have a positive impact on your customers and staff – without any dreaded ‘playlist fatigue’.


Create your own sales messages

The best part about running an in-store radio is the opportunity to push your own promotional messages. Radio works differently from other mediums. It’s ‘accompanies’ something else you’re doing – like making breakfast, driving the car, or shopping – and it works best when it’s time-and-place relevant. Something that’s hard to do in-store if you don’t a professional system like SAM in place.

With Retail Radio’s SAM, you can create your own promotional messages (or they can do that for you) and target each message to an exact location at specific time slot to trigger a sales event that you can directly quantify.


Remember the big picture

Audio is only one tool you can look at. Video or rotating images near products are also proven to promote consideration and encourage sales. With a monitor connected to its own SAM unit and Radio Retail’s support, you can take advantage of this technology.

It also creates a valuable media space instore too that you can on-sell to your suppliers to cover the cost of the unit.

Need more help?

When it comes to making money, music matters. So too does the cut-through of your promotional messages. Take the time to get it right.  And if you need help, get in touch with the team and Retail Radio. They’ll be all ears.