In-Store Radio advertising can take many forms, depending on the response you require. Because they are your stores and it is your "radio" station you make the rules on what you play and when you play it, depending on what you want to achieve. Aside from consumer protection legislation and common sense, the only limitation is your imagination!


Brand Messages

In-Store Radio is an excellent medium for reminding your customers of your brand statements and the various things which are special about your business. You never know, a shopper might not know about your price promise, free delivery, loyalty programme, order service, finance options... Often these messages form the backbone of your In-Store Radio schedule.

Promotional Messages

Typically linked to your press, catalogue or TV advertising, these ads are a great driver of impulse and add on sales - often with a call to action based on a compelling proposition. Minimal subscriber involvement is required to create and schedule this amazingly powerful device - simply tell us what you want to sell.

Store Specific Messages

These ads are made to sound like the customer is being spoken to directly by the store manager about something special on offer in store right now. Watch what happens as the ear leads the eye!

Event Messages

This is another powerful way to use In-Store Radio. Encourage your customers to return to your store at a future date for a special event: a new product launch, a demonstration, a celebration. If you invite your customers to come back, they will.

Supplier Messages

Many successful retailers realise the value of their audience and the corresponding air time on their In-Store Radio. At Retail Radio we work with our subscribers to sell this airtime, in some instances turning "the radio" into a profit centre. With the proliferation of promotional media, suppliers appreciate the value of the opportunity to involve themselves in speaking to their prospects at the point of purchase. 

Educational, Training, Safety and Security Messages

Your In-Store Radio system is also an ideal medium to convey product knowledge messages to customers and staff. Similarly many retailers include it as part of their safety compliance practice. It can also be used to remind customers of security measures in place. For example: "Good morning customers, we'd just like to let you know that we have uniformed and plain clothes security personnel operating in store, so if you see anything suspicious, please don't hesitate to alert a member of our staff".