Engage with your customers.
Don’t just talk.

Speak with your customers through all the background noise and let us schedule all of your messaging content for you free of charge.

Connect with customers

The pace and beat of music has a direct impact of the overall feel of your business and so can in-store messaging. The right messaging can enhance customer experience, and reflect the brand’s personality and increase sales.

Don’t have the time or resources to record your own messages?

We have professional voice actors and can produce your messages for a fraction of the cost from an agency.

Types of messages

Enhance Your Brand

In-Store Radio is an excellent medium for reminding your customers of your brand statements and the various things which are special about your business.

Current promotions

Tell your customers what’s on special. You can schedule these in advance and have them end on your chosen time and date.

Store Specific

Remind your customer why they should choose your store. You never know, a shopper might not know about your price promise, free delivery or loyalty rewards. 

Upcoming Events

Using your in-store radio to invite your customers to return to your store at a future date for a special event; a new product launch, a demonstration, or just celebration.

Featured Products

Looking to do some co-marketing with your suppliers and brands? Use your
in-store radio to promote and talk about them.


Other Messages

You can just about convey anything, including reminding staff and customers of safety compliance practices and security measures in place.

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